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Why 3 Pepper Burrito?

We are very picky about our ingredients. Most are local which means really fresh! Nothing is precut – nada! All veggies are chopped, sliced & diced daily.   Tortillas?  (white & wheat)…we make them from scratch right in front of you. You’re so close at 3 Pepper Burrito Co. you can smell and taste the freshness.

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    October 18, 2016

Our Story

3 Peppers Burrito Co. isn’t just any other restaurant. It comes from love – a love of burritos, which began at a young age. While other kids were playing with LEGOs, Stretch Armstrong and the brand new Atari, we were playing in the kitchen… making – you guessed it – burritos.

This love took us on a journey through Central and South America, on a search for ingredients for the perfect burrito (well, that was part of it). After traveling far and wide by land, sea, air and time travel (ever have to ask yourself “how did I get here?”)… we think we’ve found everyone’s perfect burrito.

Our idea of a perfect burrito may be different from yours, but with the right ingredients to choose from, a 3 Pepper Burrito is perfect for everyone. After years of adventures and making new friends, we’ve returned to SW Florida to share our love of burritos with you.In an industrial, laid-back style, you can enjoy your burrito on a tortilla made from scratch right in front of you. It’s an old secret family recipe from a very special señorita.

So instead of cursing the internet or the world of social media, take an adventure with us… then share it with #3PB. And keep an eye out as we go through old photos and find pictures of our journeys to share.

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